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Google LLC - April 8, 2019
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Google Translate 5.27.0.RC04.237379852reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5/5
It often happens that you absolutely need to have something translated as soon as possible, especially if you are a traveler located abroad. That is when translator apps can help out in an instant. There have been many different apps and services for this purpose, but almost everyone has heard about Google Translate! Let's see what this Android app has in store!

First of all, the app has way more useful features than its browser counterpart! After a lite download, you are prompted with the initial screen which offers you to select your primary language and the language you translate the most often. After that, you can get started!

There are several distinct ways you can enter the text you want to translate. First of all, you can simply enter it and the translation automatically appears below. If you choose the Handwriting option, a pad appears where you can freely handwrite the text you want to translate. The Voice option records you speaking the text you want to translate and the voice recognition works quite well. No mistakes were made when we were testing it.

The two most interesting features are Conversation and Camera. The Conversation option records two speakers speaking two different languages and translates the text accordingly. The Camera option is genius! You can take a picture of any text, book page, or a website. It analyzes the whole picture, marks the parts where the text appears, and allows you to highlight text you want to translate. Its text recognition is also next to perfect!

There is an option to use Offline translation where you can download languages and store them on your phone for offline access. You can save common phrases you use everyday by clicking the star next to them. Finally, Tap to Translate can be found in Settings and it displays a Google Translate icon when you copy text to the Clipboard. Clicking the icon displays the translation for the text!

• Free and easy to use
• Languages can be downloaded for offline use
• Plenty of unique ways of translation
• The voice recognition is great
• You can take pictures of text you want to translate without copying or typing it
• It can be used outside the app simply by copying text
• The features listed above apply to only a handful of languages


What's new in this version

• Improved offline translations with upgraded language downloads

Minimum requirements

• Android 4.2+

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Supported languages: English

Release date: 2019-03-12

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